Interview: Futurism & Sonic Alchemy With Steve Aoki


Steve Aoki is a man obsessed with the future. More than a hobby fixation, the concepts of technological advancement are represented in both the man and his creations, most evident in the recent release of the second part of his two-part album, Neon Future II (Grab the album on iTunes).

Aoki’s strong devotion to futurism is conveyed in style, sound and concept with the star-studded double album, which includes innovative guest spots from Linkin Park, Snoop Lion, Rivers Cuomo, NERVO, Matthew Koma and Moxie, with spoken word contributions from Interstellar executive producer & MIT professor Kip Thorne as well as director/producer/creator J.J. Abrams.

These names aren’t mere credit flare-trinkets on a record disconnected from concept. Aoki has carefully curated the Neon Future listening experience to be a journey of advancement. And as we came to discover in our visit to Dim Mak headquarters in Los Angeles, the globetrotting, cake-throwing DJ is as excited to discuss the future projections of Michio Kaku or Ray Kurzweil’s concept of The Singularity as he is to talk music – perhaps even moreso.

Watch below as Aoki explains the thematic and mood variances between Neon Future I and II, the unique performances he was able to get out of the wide range of performers, as well as his own concepts of what the future holds, exclusively on CraveOnline.

Steve will be absolutely everywhere this Summer in support of Neon Future II – check out his full tour schedule.