PAX EAST 2015: FFXIV Heavensward Release Date Announced, Trailer Shows Off New Areas


Square Enix has a huge presence at PAX East this weekend. Among their rock-star line-up is the multi-million selling MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, and more importantly its highly anticipated upcoming expansion: Heavensward.

Today we’ve learned that FFXIV: Heavensward has a planned release date of June 23rd. Pre-orders will open on March 16th, including for the expansion’s enticing collector’s edition. A beta will be available shortly before launch, though no details have been released in regards to how fans can get in.

A trailer has been release that coincides with the release date announcement. It shows off the new areas of the expansion, which are set in the region where Ishgard resides. Compared to areas in the vanilla release, the new zones are more complex in geometry, larger in scope, and have a greater sense of verticality, a perfect combination for the introduction of flying mounts.

 You can see the trailer below.

FFXIV: Heavensward will also include a level cap increase to 60, the new Au’Ra race, the Dark Knight, Machinist and Astrologian jobs, new primals, dungeons, gear, and more.

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It is unclear if this expansion will bring a free month of game time along with it, but it’s unlikely given industry standards. So, you can expect to pay around $39.99 for the expansion along with the regular subscription fee to play.