Top 8 Video Game Series We’d Love to Play in Virtual Reality

During the Game Developers Conference 2015 this week a huge amount of focus has been put on virtual reality technology. With the Oculus Rift consumer build right around the corner, Sony’s Project Morpheus pegged for an early 2016 release and the newly announced HTC Vive having Valve’s backing to deliver the experience to smartphones, the future of VR is looking bright.

There are plenty of games we’d want to experience in virtual reality, and if the developer build of the Oculus Rift has taught us anything, it’s that the new tech can potentially add a great deal of immersion to games we know and love, thus rendering them far more than simply another gimmick of peripheral. 

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With that being said, here are the top 8 established video game series we’d love to make a move towards virtual reality:


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