Xbox One Noir Detective Game Blues and Bullets Gets a New Trailer

Blues and Bullets, an Xbox One episodic detective game with heavy film noir leanings, has been given a new trailer.

The game, developed by indie studio A Crowd of Monsters, will take place across 5 episodes and will see the player taking control of a former detective, attempting to reveal the truth in a case that will “change him forever.” 

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The debut trailer shows some multiple choice segments, with it appearing to lie somewhere between LA Noire and Deadly Premonition thematically, though its tone points more towards Swery65’s oddball opus than Team Bondi/Rockstar’s big-budget detective game. 

The game, which was first revealed back in 2014, also shares some similarities with Frank Miller’s Sin City, with its black-and-white visual style being coupled with strong splashes of red, similar to the comic/film series.

You can watch the new trailer in the above video, and check out its development trailer below. A Crowd of Monsters are a relatively unproven studio, with their only console game to date being the poorly received Xbox One title Funk of Titans, though Blues and Bullets certainly looks intriguing.