The Order: 1886 Drops PS4’s Average Metascore Below Xbox One’s

It was supposed to be PlayStation 4’s biggest exclusive that finally entered the market as Sony’s must-have title. On a console starved for decent exclusives, The Order: 1886 was supposed to be the saving grace. By all accounts, though, Ready at Dawn’s new IP will be saving no one.

The Order: 1886 is sitting at a firm 65 Metascore. While this is a disappointment in and of itself, this score also has the unfortunate side effect of giving Sony’s rivals over at Microsoft something to brag about. This score (along with Resogun being added to PS3 and Vita) dropped PlayStation 4’s average exclusive rating to 66.43, a whole two percentage points lower than Xbox One’s, which sits at 68.66.

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While it is still early in the review process, Metacritic has already piled up 44 reviews, and The Order: 1886 would have to increase by an improbable 16 points to an 81 Metascore to push the PlayStation 4’s average exclusive rating above Xbox One’s. CraveOnline, while not on Metacritic, gave The Order: 1886 a 60/100, saying “At $60, consumers expect something memorable, if not lasting. The Order: 1886 is neither.” Read more here.

PlayStation 4 is by no means out of it, however, with From Software’s Bloodborne waiting in the wings to pounce on the market, and that’s not to mention the next entry in the Uncharted series, which could land later this year.