Final Soundwave 2015 Timetables Released

Get those permanent markers poised, Soundwave 2015 organisers have today released the festival’s final set times, setting in stone where and when your favourite acts will be taking the stage when the event kicks off this weekend.

Soundwave have dealt with the recent cancellations of two of their international acts, Rival Sons andEvergreen Terrace by pushing back the start times on some stages. Evergreen Terrace’s final set on stage 5 on the Slipknot/Smashing Pumpkins day of the festival has now been handed over to Fucked Up.

Similarly, Soundwave have handled Rival Sons’ departure from the lineup by pushing back the start time on stage 5 on the Faith No More/Soundgarden Day of the festival. Fans of The Wonder Years will also now have to now settle for a 40 minute set instead of the previously scheduled hour-long slot.

The new timetables also reflect Soundwave’s latest lineup additions. Triple j Unearthed’s Soundwave competition winners Brisbane’s Columbus, Adelaide’s A Ghost Orchestra, Victorians I, Valiance and Sydneysiders Bare Bones will each play the first slot on stage 1 on the Slipknot/Smashing Pumpkins Day of the festival in their respective cities.

Unpopular clashes which haven’t been addressed include the Slipknot/Smashing Pumpkins/Fall Out Boy issue which Maddah has characterised as “not a genuine clash” as “neither band believes there is a significant crossover”. Similarly, while Mayhem were originally advertised to be playing on the Faith No More festival day, they still now appear on the timetable for the Slipknot festival day.

Just because they’re billed as the final timetables doesn’t mean they’re exactly “final” though, with AJ Maddah already addressing the concerns of one fan that Killer Be Killed have only been allotted a 40 minute set instead of the promised hour. Maddah said he will “split the difference” and allow both KBK and Exodus 50 minutes each. He also noted that Nonpoint only getting a 25 minute set is simply a “typo”.

Soundwave and all the already announced Sidewaves kick off this weekend, starting with Adelaide, on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd February for what is likely to be the final Soundwave for South Australia. Melbouren Soundwave will also be held this weekend, before the festival makes its way to Sydney and Brisbane on Saturday 28th February and Sunday March 1st.

See the final set times below.

Final Soundwave 2015 Timetables


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