The Evil Within DLC Titled ‘The Assignment’ to Arrive Next Month

If you’re a The Evil Within Season Pass holder, you’re probably wondering where in the world the first DLC package is. We have good news for you.

Bethesda has confirmed that the first DLC for The Evil Within will arrive in March. It’s called The Assignment, and its teaser trailer can be seen above.

In the teaser trailer the protagonist is shown hiding in a locker. Meanwhile, an unknown being radiating light walks near the locker, eventually opening it and rendering the character blind.

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The Evil Within Director Shinji Mikami has stated that he wants the first DLC package to focus on the horror side of the game, rather than action. Additionally, light and dark, as shown in the teaser trailer above, will play a part in its plot. Judging by the trailer, you might just need to avoid confrontation altogether in The Assignment.

The Evil Within was one of the best survival horror games of 2014, but was divisive. Some found it to be atmospheric and frightening, while some criticized its technical issues.


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