EA Play E3 2017 Trailers: Star Wars Battlefront 2, Need For Speed Payback and More

E3 2017 is here! A huge week for the gaming industry, the E3 expo is home to the biggest news stories of the year, with Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and more or less every other game manufacturer, publisher and developer heading to the Los Angeles Convention Center in order to showcase their upcoming games and hardware.

This year is a particularly big year for the expo, with it opening its doors to the general public for the first time ever. Yes, no longer is E3’s show floor solely occupied by industry persons and gaming journalists, with it now opening its arms to gamers worldwide. With so much news to get through over this week, we’re compiling handy lists of all the new trailers to emerge from the event, complete with any other information we feel is noteworthy for our readers.

Starting with the EA Play conference, we’ll be providing constant updates throughout the week to keep you in the know about all of E3 2017’s happenings. You can  Keep this page bookmarked, and keep checking back throughout the week to stay up to date with the show. You can also check out our E3 2017 hub for even more news, editorials and features.

Note: We’ve highlighted clickable links containing more information pertaining to certain games in red.

EA Play E3 2017 Announcements


Star Wars Battlefront 2 gameplay trailer

Also: Everything We Loved (and Didn’t Love) About Star Wars Battlefront 2‘s Reveal

Battlefield 1 DLC ‘In the Name of the Tsar’ trailer

Madden NFL 18 ‘Longshot’ reveal trailer

FIFA 18 gameplay trailer

FIFA 18 ‘The Journey: Hunter Returns’ trailer

Need For Speed Payback gameplay trailer

A Way Out reveal trailer

A Way Out gameplay trailer

Anthem teaser trailer

NBA Live 18 reveal trailer

NBA Live 18 gameplay trailer

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