Top 10 E3 2017 Games That Were Missing From the Expo

E3 2017 is an annual showcase of more-or-less every game that players can expect to get their hands on over the next few years, with most publishers, developers and hardware manufacturers descending on the Los Angeles Convention Center in order to build anticipation for their upcoming releases.

E3 2017 wasn’t exactly the most exciting E3 we’ve covered, with it feeling like many of the games that we were most looking forward to seeing were absent from the expo. Though there were a number of exciting announcements (we listed our top 10 favorites right here), it didn’t feel like those involved were firing on all cylinders, as has typically been the case this console generation.

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While the build-up to E3 is always filled with increasingly ludicrous speculation regarding which games will be announced (Metroid Prime 4? Pssh, like that’d ever happen…) there were many games this year that we were convinced would show up, only to be disappointed when they failed to make an appearance. With that being said, here are the top 10 E3 2017 games that were missing from the expo: