Need a Gamer-Friendly Valentine’s Day Card? Nintendo Has You Covered


Valentine’s Day is just a week away. No matter your tastes and preferences, you probably know by now that it isn’t easy to find the “right” card for your friend or loved one. If you’re a gamer, doubly-so.

Well, Nintendo has released a total of 26 Valentine’s Day cards this week that feature many of its most beloved characters. Though the cards are small, they’re perfect for handing to someone with a special note written on the back. On the front is a Nintendo character posing with a clever message featured above.

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The official site for Nintendo’s Valentine’s Day offerings can be seen here. You can view PDF versions of each card image below:

If you’re looking for game gift ideas, you can view a calendar of the hottest games coming out during the month of February here. If you want to go big, the New Nintendo 3DS releases on the 13th, just a day before Valentine’s Day. Along with it come new 3DS releases The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.