Persona 5 Gets First Trailer Featuring Gameplay, Here’s What We Learned

When it comes to upcoming JRPGs, there is no game with more warranted hype than Atlus’ Persona 5. It will be the first current-gen iteration of what has been a consistently outstanding franchise. But you may be surprised to learn that all of its hype has been built without anyone seeing a lick of gameplay. Today, that changes.

Persona 5’s first real trailer has made a debut, and it’s a good one. Standing at nearly three minutes in length, the trailer features a mixture of story cutscenes and gameplay, including hints of new features for the franchise. You can see it above.

A few things we’ve learned from the trailer:

  • There will be a playable cat character.
  • Combat appears to be more action RPG oriented.
  • There’s a cover system of sorts.
  • “Stealth” is back.
  • Environments feature many more characters on-screen than previous iterations.
  • The game’s menus are incredibly stylish.
  • There will be clothing swaps for characters judging by a menu element in the trailer.

Watch the trailer and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Persona 5 will debut later in 2015 for PS4 and PS3. Also, you can check out the official site, which has been updated post-release of this trailer.


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