Daniel Sturridge Shows Off His Dance Moves, Balotelli is Unimpressed

As a club Liverpool haven’t got a lot to be dancing about right now, though Daniel Sturridge’s successful return against West Ham, which saw the striker snag a goal in his comeback match, is certainly cause for celebration for the 25-year-old. 

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On the other side of the coin you have Mario Balotelli, who has still yet to score a goal for Liverpool in the Premier League, and remains one of the most disappointing signings of the current season. Many Liverpool fans are of the opinion that Sturridge’s comeback could spell a return to form for Balotelli, with a striking partnership between the duo potentially improving Balotelli’s chances of finding the back of the net. However, while fans of the club will be hoping that the pair will be in-sync on the football pitch, they seem to have different ideas when it comes to what constitutes as good dancing.

A video uploaded by Sturridge on his Instagram account shows the England international busting out a few moves in the changing rooms, before a cameo appearance by Mario Balotelli shows the Italian forward looking less than impressed by what Sturridge has to offer. Either that or he’s got his best creeper face on.

Maybe the pair will see eye-to-eye more when Sturridge is using his feet to kick a ball instead.


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