Video of an Attempted Rape in Grand Theft Auto V Emerges Online [UPDATE]

Update: As some have pointed out, the men in the video likely belong to the Altruist Cult, a group of cannibals who live in the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness. Though we’ve never encountered this particular random event ourselves, some are claiming that they have and that it does not depict an attempted rape, but rather an abduction that happens to involve one fully nude man.

Original Story: This is… disturbing.

Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V features an open-world in which random events are trigged that the player can actively involve themselves in. Often these events are a case of someone’s vehicle/purse/wallet being stolen, thus allowing the player to go and retrieve the personal belongings for the victim in exchange for a cash reward.

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However, a video has emerged online seemingly showing two male non-player characters attempting to sexually assault a female NPC, and though the GTA series is known for its near-the-knuckle violence and indulgence in other abhorrent behaviour, this could be considered a step too far even for Rockstar.

The video, uploaded yesterday, shows a young woman being pressed to the ground by an older, naked man, while another points a gun at her. As the woman screams for help, one of the men says: “Your right to youth has been relieved” whilst the naked man attempts to mount her next to a parked vehicle.

Whatever actions these NPCs were about to perform are brought to an end when the player recording the video starts firing at them. We haven’t seen this kind of random event pop up in the game before, so we’re uncertain of what happens if the player allows the random event to continue undisturbed. Watch the video below (there is some nudity):

The footage appears to be from the PS4 edition of the game, so it’s uncertain whether this event is a new addition to the game that Rockstar implemented in its current console re-release, or whether it was an extremely rare random event that has just been discovered.

Whatever the case, we have no doubt that many will feel Rockstar crossed the line with this one.