Red Dead Online Registered by Rockstar’s Parent Company

Rockstar enjoyed a great deal of success with GTA Online, the expansive online component strapped to Grand Theft Auto V, making a considerable fortune by way of the mode’s microtransactions. Now it seems that the Red Dead Redemption sequel could be following in GTAV‘s footsteps, with Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two registering a domain for Red Dead Online.

The domain has been registered ahead of an expected announcement from Rockstar concerning the next Red Dead game, with the developer having dropped hints on Twitter pertaining to the as-yet-unconfirmed game. Trying to access the newly registered site currently displays a message indicating that its DNS server cannot be reached, but Take-Two could make use of it when the Red Dead Redemption follow-up is finally confirmed.

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GTA Online has proven to be a huge hit for Rockstar, having garnered over $500 million in microtransactions since its launch. This runaway success has more or less ensured that the developer will be looking to introduce similar business models in its future releases, though it’s uncertain how such a system could be implemented in a Red Dead game. Whereas Grand Theft Auto V takes place in a city in which superficiality is rife, Red Dead doesn’t exactly have flash sports cars and expensive apartments for players to inject their real-world money into. Will that many players really want to spend tons of actual cash in order to upgrade a horse?

The Red Dead Redemption sequel has yet to be announced, but with Rockstar having dropped two major hints over the course of the past few days, the company is expected to confirm its existence within the coming weeks. By comparison, Grand Theft Auto V was officially revealed on November 2, 2011, with it then being released on September 17, 2013. If the RDR sequel maintains this time frame, we should expect to hear more news early next month.

h/t: All Games Delta