Best Buy Cancels Orders of the Zelda: Majora’s Mask New 3DS XL Console [UPDATE]


Update: It appears that Best Buy is canceling more than just the pre-orders of those who ordered more than one console. There have been several reports that consumers who pre-ordered a single console have had the order canceled due to a “lack of supply”. Those who were affected have been sent an e-mail with confirmation.

Original Story: Best Buy is looking to combat scalpers by canceling the orders of those who pre-ordered more than one of the upcoming The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask Edition of the New 3DS XL console. 

The retailer began sending out emails to those who had pre-purchased more than one console, informing them that their order had breached their Conditions of Use when it came to order limitations and quantities. This move is undoubtedly looking to prevent those who were attempting to purchase the consoles before selling them on at an increased rate, given their limited stock.

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It’s a welcome move from Best Buy, as this practice, known as “scalping,” prohibits many who want to purchase a product from getting their hands on one on release day, only to find themselves forced to pay a larger amount from a third-party seller.

Of course, this is bad news for those who purchased more than one console with the intention of keeping one for themselves and giving the other to a loved one, though plenty of other stores are also selling the console so there are plenty of places to order it from.


The email being sent to customers from Best Buy reads: “We’re sorry, but the order listed below has been canceled. Please refer to our Conditions of Use, which explains order limitations and limited quantities.

“Please note that this cancellation might affect your order’s free shipping eligibility, bundle pricing, or gift-with-purchase eligibility.”

If you pre-ordered more than one copy of the upcoming console from Best Buy, then be sure to check your email inbox.