Video: Sia Mesmerizes with Stunning SNL Performance

We’re increasingly in awe of Sia as the years pass, going all the way back to her days with Zero 7 over a decade ago. But oddly enough, for a star we’ve known and loved with increasing fervor for over a decade, her face is almost entirely unfamiliar thanks to her unwillingness to be a billboard for pop star life. Even in last weekend’s breathtaking SNL performance, a partial veil covered the breathy chanteuse’s eyes.

This past weekend on Saturday Night Live, the 1000 Forms of Fear singer offered up a duo of performances that were mesmerizing, at times both heartbreaking and soul-provoking. Her rendition of “Chandelier” was captivating, featuring only a grand piano, a mime in a suit and Sia’s gorgeous vocal. 

The weird hit a new high during her performance of “Elastic Heart” where two blonde-wigged dancers displayed an elaborately emotional storyline around her. It’s an incredible experience.


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