Bono “Lucky To Be Alive” After Door Falls Off Private Jet Mid-Flight

Bono is reportedly “lucky to be alive” after the door of his private jet became detached mid-flight, with the U2 frontman’s luggage spilling out of the plane as he flew to the Bambi International Music Awards.

According to the Irish Daily Mail the tailgate at the rear of the jet became detached, with Bono’s and his fellow traveller’s luggage falling out of the plane. It is uncertain what exactly went wrong with the plane, though Ralf Kunkel, head of press at Berlin Airport Authority, said that it was “up to the police” to launch an investigation into what had happened.

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Bono wasn’t flying with his U2 bandmates at the time and has not spoken about the incident, though a source was quoted by the Mail as saying: “He was extremely lucky, the plane could have gone down.

“About an hour into the journey they heard a big thud coming from the rear of the plane. They were startled for a bit but they continued on and made the descent into Berlin airport.

“When they landed they were horrified to learn that the compartment at the rear of the plane had completely detached. The entire door along with Bono and his companions’ luggage had fallen out mid-air. They don’t know if the door and the contents landed over water or land but they were extremely lucky.

“They were at an altitude where anything could have happened and they are all feeling very lucky to be alive.”

The incident happened on board a Learjet 60 D-CGEO, with Bono and four of his friend travelling on the two-hour flight from Dublin to Berlin. 

Photo: Getty Images


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