Microsoft Clarifies Xbox One August NPD: Sales Only Doubled for Last Week of Month


Yesterday, NPD Group revealed its figures for software sales during the month of August. As usual, Sony and Microsoft responded with statements about hardware. The most eye-catching fact was that Madden NFL 15 sold better on PS4 than Xbox One, despite a strong partnership between the NFL and Microsoft and the introduction of an Xbox One Madden NFL 15 bundle.

The second big item was Microsoft’s statement that the Xbox One doubled in sales for month-over-month from July to August. However, the numbers didn’t quite add up.

Microsoft has clarified, stating that the doubling of Xbox One sales during August were for “the last week of the month after Madden launched”. Basically, sales for the last week were a little less than twice that of the month prior, not the entire month’s sales.

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It is currently unclear what the figures actually are. In previous years, Microsoft has been transparent about its sales in North America. The same can’t be said for any of the months since the Xbox One has hit the market, though. The last figure heard was that the console has five million units shipped worldwide, and that was in mid-April.

Microsoft has struggled to keep up with its adversary, but has a strong software library to finish off 2014. Will it make the impact that it hopes for?