Gamescom 2014: Media Molecule Announces Tearaway Unfolded for PS4

Media Molecule has in-fact been developing a PS4 game. While it’s from an already existing IP, it’s not LittleBigPlanet.

Tearaway Unfolded is coming to the PS4 next year. Similar to its predecessor, Tearaway for the PS Vita, it’s a puzzle game that utilizes a variety of inputs to manipulate its world made of paper. For example, quick swipes on the touch pad are used to produce gusts of wind in the game world, which affect the paper environments in various ways. You can even use the DualShock 4’s light bar to light up dark sections of the map.

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Playing at 1080p at 60 FPS, Tearaway Unfolded is an absolutely beautiful game. The artistic style of Tearaway has been given new life with the PS4’s hardware.

Tearaway Unfolded will release sometime next year exclusively for the PS4.