Robin Williams Will Be Memorialized in World of Warcraft, Says Blizzard


A petition has found its way onto that seeks to have Robin Williams memorialized in World of Warcraft. The petition acknowledges Williams’ fondness of the game, which he apparently played for several years, in addition to him being a huge fan of Warcraft 3.

Technical game designer Chadd Nervig posted the following in response to requests about the petition on Twitter:

@Dakirokos @mumper @CM_Lore @DaveKosak @davhave Yes. We’re taking care of it.

Blizzard has memorialized several people in World of Warcraft over the years, including Michel Koiter, an employee who passed away during development of the game, and Tony Stark, a friend of an employee who died a year after the game released. There are over a dozen memorials scattered around its virtual world, some of which aren’t locations, but rather characters or dialog that refer to real-life people. 

Here’s what the two previously mentioned memorials in World of Warcraft look like in-game:



Robin Williams considered himself a hardcore gamer, enjoying games of all kinds over the years. His favorite series was The Legend of Zelda. Both he and his wife of the time loved the NES release enough that they would name their one and only daughter, Zelda Rae Williams, after the game’s princess. He also regarded Ocarina of Time as the best game he had ever played.

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World of Warcraft‘s sixth expansion, Warlords of Draenor, will be released later this year. It will add a new continent, higher-polygon character models, a player-housing system called Garrisons, in addition to raising the level cap to 100.