Comic-Con 2014: Legendary Reveals Official Warcraft Movie Logo [UPDATE: WEAPON PROPS]


What you see above is the official logo for the upcoming Warcraft film. It was revealed at Legendary’s Comic-Con booth to kick off the week with something film enthusiasts and gamers can talk about.

Some fans of the Warcraft franchise have already voiced their dissatisfaction with the design of the logo, stating that it strays too far from Warcraft‘s typically untampered style, and instead resembles the sci-fi StarCraft‘s logo which has had a similar blue metallic texture since the late 90s.

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Warcraft is set in the early timeline of its IP when humans and orcs first met, long before the events of Warcraft 3 and World of Warcraft, the two latest releases. Major characters including Alliance Paladin Anduin Lothar and Horde Chieftain Durotan will be in the film. All characters will be portrayed by real actors, including Ben Foster as Medivh, Travis Fimmel, and Paula Patton, but there will be heavy use of CGI to make it appear as authentic as possible..

Warcraft recently wrapped up filming and entered post-production. It is scheduled to release in theaters on March 11th, 2016.

Update: World of Warcraft Community Manager Bashiok has posted a couple images of props from the movie that are featured in Legendary’s booth. This set including a sword and shield are definitely Alliance weapons, and could even be Lothar’s. 

Check them out below:



And here’s what looks like the Horde Doomhammer, hinting at Thrall and Ogrim’s appearances in the film. The image was posted by Ethan Anderton.