Lindsay Lohan’s Look-Alike in GTA V Prompts Lawsuit in Manhattan Court

Today, a lawsuit was filed in the Manhattan court which involves Lindsay Lohan and game publisher Take-Two Interactive. The suit was placed by Lohan for what she says is an “unequivocal” use of her and her image in Grand Theft Auto V without authorized use.

The character in question is Lacey Jonas, a supposed Los Santos film star with an attitude. Paparazzi have swarmed her in Rockford Hills, causing her to see refuge in the player’s vehicle for a Strangers and Freaks side mission. Her looks, demeanor, and voice all strike a strong resemblance to Linday Lohan. Whether or not that was intentional is up to the court to decide.

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Rockstar Games is known for referencing a lot of real-world material in its Grand Theft Auto games. While that’s part of the series’ appeal, it’s also caused it a bit of trouble. Mob Wives’ Karen Gravano sued the company earlier in the year for the same reason as Lohan.

While this case takes a few months to be addressed, check out Lacey Jonas’ GTA V mission in the video below and come to a conclusion of your own.