Listen: Confrontational Lost Nirvana Interview Uncovered With Triple J


A rare and previously considered lost Triple J interview with Nirvana has been uncovered to re-air on Sunday to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s passing.

Described as “one of the most awkward and confrontational interviews” recorded by the influential Aussie broadcaster, Nirvana made the 1992 appearance at Triple J studios while in Australia as part of the Big Day Out festival.

The interview, which includes Cobain “attacking” his microphone with a pair of scissors, was considered so bad that it was originally deleted, only to be rediscovered years later courtesy of a home recording taken by an Australian fan.

Featuring a number of extremely uncooperative responses and some (surprisingly good) attempts at the Aussie accent, Cobain takes a dig at the Rolling Stones in the below clip when asked about the trend Nirvana kick started that saw recording labels hunt down underground talent.

“Most independent bands don’t last more than five years anyhow, so who cares [if labels aren’t in it for the music]?” Cobain says. “[It] means we’ll get some money out of it instead of being ripped off by [Black Flag founder Greg Ginn’s label] SST for five years. Who wants to end up like the Rolling Stones 40th anniversary thing anyway? You don’t to make it seem like a career.”

The full interview will once again play on Triple J this weekend in an hour-long tribute to the band (Sunday, midday EST) featuring music and interviews with Karnivool, Courtney Barnett, Sky Ferreira, Papa Vs Pretty and many more.

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