Exclusive: Yard of Blondes Cover Lorde’s ‘Team’

Yard of Blondes

Los Angeles folk rock duo Yard of Blondes have set up shop in The Box, and the first episode of their live acoustic sessions is definitely worth checking out. Fanny Hill and Vincent Walter Jacob have reinterpreted Lorde's pop-smash hit "Team" with earnest delicacy, while retaining the original's uptempo beat. Crave's got the exclusive of the cover, and at this point it might even be illegal not to have this song stuck in your head. Check it out below, exclusively on Craveonline!

With their own playspace for production and mischief, Yard of Blondes plan to release similar videos from the box with consistent frequency from now on, full of covers and original songs. So get your bookmark on, and after you pick up the band’s last EP Murderology on iTunes, keep up with the band on Facebook and Twitter as well as their official site.