Exclusive Premiere | Crack Open Blonde Summer’s Beer On Ice

Photo: Elliot Glass

Sometimes if a music editor is lucky a song title will perfectly capture the essence of a track. That said editor can then save the clever hyperboles and witty one-liners for another post when straightforward songs like Blonde Summer’s new single “Beer On Ice” appear in their inbox.

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Crave is exclusively premiering the Los Angeles-based indie slack rock band’s harmoniously hazy new single, which seems tailor made for cracking open some cold ones in a backyard with some of your closest bearded, plain white T-shirt donning buddies.


Here’s what Blonde Summer’s frontman, Chris Pope, had to say about the finely brewed, full-flavored garage rock ditty“‘Beer On Ice’ is a place or state of mind that’s a complete shut off to the daily grind. It’s full frontal party mode where you get to hang out with your friends and talk about haircuts, who went home with whom, and FU’s to political agendas. We all gotta get up and pay the bills,  but we also gotta make some ‘Beer On Ice’ time. I got in the studio with producer Aaron Espinoza and the two of us recorded the whole thing in a few clicks. It’s cool to keep things easy and that’s what this song is all about.”

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