Exclusive Premiere | Kyd the Band Serve Up a Sweet Brand of ‘Ice Cream’

Nashville is known as Music City, U.S.A., but you don’t hear a lot of alt-pop coming from its famed recording studios. 

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A couple brothers from Northern California are hoping to change that. Kyle and Devin Guisande came to Nashville (via Northern California) to pursue a musical career and have found success, working on songs with artists from across the Spotify dial, from Bone Thugs N’ Harmony to Gorgon City to Avedon.

Recently, the two-man band of brothers have been making their own moves as kyd the band, a “left of center” alt pop project whose new single, “Ice Cream”, is exclusively premiering on Crave.

“Ice Cream” is an apt title for a guilty pleasure that you can easily lap up. Their easy-to-please sound brings to mind another two-man project, Twenty One Pilots, with its vanilla coating sprinkled with crunchy alt-pop flavors.

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