10 Funny Key & Peele Sports Sketches


Putting together a sketch comedy all-star team? You’d better have Comedy Central’s Key & Peele on your starting line-up. These guys score laughs, along with millions of views on YouTube. If you’re a fan, enter to win Crave’s Season One & Two Combo Blu-Ray giveaway, and give these hilarious clips an instant replay. Here are 10 funny Key & Peele sports sketches:  


Key & Peele – East/West College Bowl

This sketch has more views than college football has players with silly names.


Key & Peele – Slap-Ass

Time flies when you’re slappin’ ass.


Key & Peele – Boxing Press Conference

He calls his finishing punch “The Eskimo Kiss.”


Key & Peele – East/West College Bowl 2

If Huka’lakanaka isn’t on your fantasy team, you’re doing it wrong.


Key & Peele – Tackle and Grapple

Seems legit.


Key & Peele – Ultimate Fighting Match Preview

I’d be freaked out, too.


Key & Peele – McCringleberry’s Excessive Celebration

Someone tackle him before he pumps again!


Key & Peele – Fútbol Flop

Doctors call this a “flop attack.”


Key & Peele – You Can Do Anything

Someone took R. Kelly a little too literally.


Key & Peele – East/West Bowl Rap

Dookmarriot eventually did marry the ball, once that because legal in 2007.


Bonus: Key & Peele – The Great Start Program

When you’re a celebrity athlete, you have people to get the hobo urine for you.


Geoffrey Golden is a bestselling author and Editor-in-Chief of The Devastator comedy magazine.