SXSW: Odd Future Joins MellowHype For Chaotic Excellence at Crave’s Music Showcase

Before he was arrested for inciting a SXSW riot last weekend, Tyler, The Creator and his Odd Future crew could be seen brewing up an intensely volatile moshpit at MellowHype’s performance during CraveOnline’s Music Showcase at SXSW.

We had a feeling the Los Angeles hip hop duo, featuring rapper Hodgy Beats (Gerard Long) and producer Left Brain (Vyron Turner) of Odd Future, would bring a particular fire to our lineup – which was already packed with incredible artists like Semi Precious Weapons, Miniature Tigers and more – and made for an unforgettably spectacular night (even Lady Gaga showed up to party). And though we didn’t anticipate the pure Odd Future chaos that would ensue, we sure as hell rolled with the punches, and had ourselves an absolute blast on the patio stage at Rusty’s.