Sony to Reveal Virtual Reality Headset at GDC Next Week

Are you ready to experience PlayStation 4 games in virtual reality? Sony hopes you are, as the company is set to unveil its virtual reality headset at GDC next week.

The headset will be in competition with the Oculus Rift, the PC VR headset which has already impressed many with its devkit. A number of third-party developers reportedly already have their hands on protoypes of Sony’s VR headset, and early impressions indicate that it is more powerful than the Oculus Rift, though when the Oculus Rift’s Crystal Cove devkit is made available the two headsets are expected to be more evenly matched.

The reveal of Sony’s VR headset will be hosted by senior SCEA research and development executives Richard Marks and Anton Mikhailov, with both men having previously worked on the development of the PlayStation Eye and PlayStation Move. We don’t expect this to be a happy coincidence, as it’s likely that Marks and Mikhailov are working on the VR headset, too.

Here’s hoping that Sony’s VR headset will be reasonably priced, as the Oculus Rift has shown us that VR gaming is now much more than a gimmick, with impressions of the devkit being hugely positive.