Listen: New RHCP Song is Hilariously Bad, And Not Actually RHCP

Just in time for Super Bowl Sunday, we’ve got a fresh track from the halftime players of this weekend’s pigskin throwdown – but this is bad. Like, really hilariously bad. Upon first hearing this “new Red Hot Chili Peppers song,” we thought the boys have finally superjumped their own shark with Liberace flare. “Abracadabracalifornia” is terrible on a level of self-parodying nonsense that leaves the jaw bouncing off the floor and back again, until you realize that it’s actually a parody song and not at all by RHCP. You have to hear this nonsense on your own to believe it. Listen now at

What sounds like a gross effort by frontman Anthony Kiedis to out-scat himself and imitate the worst white-boy funk of all time is actually a joke track from Hot Karate frontman Cyrus Ghahremani and his friend Jon Daly (@jondaly on Twitter – costar & cowriter of “The Kroll Show”). It’s spookily similar to the stylings of Kiedis & co, particularly if the band was in the middle of trying to write new songs while tripping very hard on some high-powered blotter acid.

By the way, Hot Karate is Crave’s February band of the month, and they’re going to kick the shit out of your ears. We cannot wait to bring you this session – but no Chili Peppers covers, we promise. Check back next Thursday for our first installment, but in the meantime have a listen to the crushingly awesome “Bolillos”


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