Band of The Month: The Silent Comedy Bring Soulfire Cabaret Rock With ‘God Neon’ (Exclusive Performance)


As indie-folk has taken commanding leaps in the modern music landscape, the stage has been set for The Silent Comedy to hit a high stride as the first Band of The Month featured artist of 2014. 

San Diego’s bluegrass-infused, gospel-inspired cabaret rockers, founded in 2006 by brothers Joshua and Jeremiah Zimmerman, specialize in barn-burning intensity in live performance. From playing folk instruments in the foothills of the Himalayas to drawing crowds around pianos at Spanish shopping malls, the boys have kept their blades of passion sharp as they’ve evolved their musicianship into a theatrically dramatic rock sound inspired by their lifelong travels through Asia, Russia, the Middle East and Europe.

With the soulful energy of a Southern-Baptist spiritual revival, the band’s early EPs and two studio albums (their debut LP Sunset Stables, and the self-produced sophomore album Common Faults) were met with increasing critical acclaim and an ocean of new fans. Two sold-out pressings of Common Faults later, the band have an electrifying new EP with Friends Divide (available on iTunes), featuring cohesively stronger musicianship and more evolved songwriting from the brothers Zimmerman, seamlessly excellent drummer Chad Lee and awesomely mustachio’d guitarist Justin Buchanan. 

Below, check out an exclusive CraveOnstage performance from Crave’s Band of The Month for January 2014, The Silent Comedy. The single “God Neon,” off the Friends Divide EP, centers on the beast of civilization, and how the modern city has become a wild, sometimes malevolent, force that can eat up its residents if they aren’t careful. 

Now check out the official “God Neon” video!

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