Top 10 Greatest Sports Moments Of 2013



Videos to accompany each moment from the countdown:

numbers_set_10UCF WR JJ Worton Incredible One Handed Diving Touchdown Catch. Catch of the Year!!; Nov. 16

numbers_set_09Gus Johnson Calls Jacoby Jones' 70-Yard, Game-Tying Touchdown; Jan. 12

numbers_set_08Florida Gulf Coast Highlights; Mar. 22

numbers_set_07Boston Bruins EPIC comeback Win in Game 7 vs Toronto Maple Leafs; May 13

numbers_set_06Ray Allen hits a game-tying 3 pointer; Heat-Spurs, Game 6; June 19

numbers_set_05Ortiz belts game-tying grand slam in eighth; Oct. 13

numbers_set_04High School Championship Buzzer Beater, New Rochelle vs Mt. Vernon; Mar. 3


numbers_set_03Jack Hoffman with a 69 yard touchdown in the 2013 Nebraska Spring Game; Apr. 6

numbers_set_02Mo exits final home game to heartfelt ovation; Sept. 26

numbers_set_01Auburn's Final Play in Iron Bowl: Chris Davis Return for TD; Nov. 30

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