10 Basketball Proposal Videos


If you’re a baller, a true baller, then you’ve got to propose to your girlfriend on a basketball court. You may never win an NBA Championship Ring in your lifetime, but at least you will be part of a ring ceremony of some sort and lots of fans will cheer you on. Here are 10 basketball proposal videos:


Basketball Proposal: Bulls Mascot Proposes To Luvabull Cheerleader

Take a seat, Miss… you’re fired.


Basketball Proposal: Surprise Flash Mob Proposal At Orlando Magic Game

Wait, who won the important trivia game?


Basketball Proposal: Rejection At Rockets Game

Afterwards, he got super drunk with that bear.


Basketball Proposal: High School Coach Proposes To Girlfriend

Where have I heard that song before?


Basketball Proposal: Assistant Coach At Davenport University’s Panther Mascot Proposal

He didn’t sprain his ankle. He sprained his heart.


Basketball Proposal: Iowa State Player Engaged After Win

Somebody dump Gatorade on them!


Basketball Proposal: Rejection At UCLA Game

The guy shouting “yes” really helped that dude out.


Basketball Proposal: Detroit Pistons Mascot Assists Proposal

On the basketball it read, “Will you marry me… or embarrass me in front of all these people? You choose!”


Basketball Proposal: Magic Fan Gets Half Court Shot Consolation Prize

She said yes, but that she was still super disappointed not to win the half court contest.


Basketball Proposal: Girl Proposes To Lebron James

Lebron said no? Booooo!


Geoffrey Golden is the author of Frankenstein's Girlfriend, a bestselling humor book on Amazon.