My Cross-Country Roadtrip: What I Learned About American Sports

I was lucky enough recently to be able to take a 6,000 mile road trip covering the southern half of the U.S. I was able to talk with sports fans in every city and participate in some unique city sports traditions. I was able to hear quite a few unique opinions that you don’t normally hear in a national stage. Here is everything I learned, observed and picked up along my sports journey. Okay, mostly observed.

LSU fans are some of the nicest folks that I have ever come across. All over the South, they were proud to show their support but never once confrontational.

No matter where you go, ex-New Yorkers will be relocated and eager to show their pride for the place they chose to leave. Grating.

The saddest fans in the country may be Colorado Buffalo fans. I’ve never seen heads hang so low, so quick as a Buff fan hearing someone bring up their team.

Nashville has the greatest sports city planning anywhere. The Predators’ hockey arena is located along the famous Honky Tonk Row. Across a short bridge are the Titans. It would be the equivalent of having the Lakers play on the Sunset Strip or having an NFL team on the Vegas Strip.

Kansas City fans seem very reserved. Much like the rest of the country they also can’t believe the Chiefs are this good.

Sports circus can be defined as College Gameday coming to Tuscaloosa, Alabama their game vs. LSU. Everywhere you look are tents reserved for “tailgating”. Parking is reserved and taken days before.

The best “unique” sports experience may be the French Quarter experience prior to a Saints weekend.

On the flipside, Atlanta is a disaster for sports fans. Both the Braves and Falcons have a centrally located stadium that is easy to get to by car. I saw the new locations for the new stadiums… malls are not good tailgating experiences.

Lakers fans can justify anything if Kobe is involved.

I’ve been through Dallas many, many times. You always know when they are having an ‘off’ year. The fans seem to mysteriously disappear.

You have to admire and appreciate the fans that live in the ‘in between’ areas. For example, Albuquerque is equal distance from true Broncos, Cardinals and Cowboy territory. Chattanooga is approximately the same distance from the Falcons, Titans and Panthers. They got to choose their team, which doesn’t happen too often.

Everyone in Utah is disappointed in their team.

Even Broncos fans know their team is one bad Manning sack away from a lost season.

The number of billboards per capita for Kansas basketball is astronomical.

There is a wide sports world out there … go explore it for yourself.  

Brian Reddoch is a CraveOnline reporter and rabid fan of all teams Seattle. You can follow him on Twitter @ReddReddoch or “like” CraveOnline Sports on Facebook

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