Album Premiere: I is Another Self-Titled Album Stream With 3 Bonus Tracks

We bring you a great many exclusive premieres here at CraveOnline, but every so often a special release will arrive that we’re flat-out thrilled to be a part of. Today marks one of those days, as we proudly present the exclusive premiere album stream of I is Another‘s debut self-titled album. The band is the new project from Jonah Matranga (singer of Far, Gratitude) and Ian Love (guitarist in Rival Schools, Burn), and the album drops via Siren Records on June 18th.

The album is available for pre-order now with a double 7 inch vinyl package, and in addition to some fantastic music that blends the earnestly melodic, raw strength of Sunny Day Real Estate with the heartstring-yanking emotive nature of Jimmy Eat World, the artwork itself is fantastic – check it out:

From the lovestruck devotion of “Prayed For You” and the tumbling rhythmic bursts of “Kerry Jane,” to the galloping grind of “Shake” that gives way to a howling, guttural intensity, I is Another brings a heart-on-sleeve approach to a wide musical spectrum that sidesteps the self-pitying sighs and shoegazing standard of “emotive rock”. There is hope in these sounds, an infectious dedication of spirit that makes for one hell of an enjoyable listen. 

“Honestly, in this case it was just a love of making records that gave the project life,” vocalist Jonah Matranga explained. “Ian [Love] had some tunes that he could hear my voice on, so he sent them over. I sat with them for a while, some ideas arrived, I recorded them simply, he liked them, and off we went. We really took our time, and just tried to make something worth listening to. As for the lyrics and such, there’s no big theme to it. I suppose there’s something about the lines between lust, love, fear, objectification vs. appreciation, healthy dependency vs. co-dependency — you know, little light stuff like that.”

Check out the exclusive world premiere of I is Another, featuring an additional bonus of three acoustic tracks:

Pre-order I is Another here, and keep up with he project at the following links:

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