Exclusive Premiere | The Yugos Take Us Back to the Eighties

The Yugos are further proof that everything eighties is new again. Thankfully, I’m not referring to the Soviet Bloc built compact car of the Regan-era that Time Magazine called the worst car in history.

On the contrary, The Yugos are an up-and-coming indie rock band coming out of Cincinnati. Their retro dream pop sound brings to mind early XTC or the best of Psychedelic Furs in a way that sounds “inspired by” rather than simply “copied.”

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Crave is exclusively premiering The Yugos new single “Weighing the Heart”. The title track off the foursome’s upcoming album via Old Flame Records, showcases a talented band who can smoothly shift gears (unlike their forsaken beaters of the same name), going hard and fast to slow and melodic with the best post-modern punk bands of earlier generations. 

Here’s what The Yugos had to say about “Weighing the Heart”, “The name, same as the album title, comes from the Ancient Eygptian Book of the dead. After you died the weighing of the heart would determine your afterlife. This song was originally created using a loop pedal. Like most of the songs from the record this song is about love, being young, and trying to understand your feelings. This is the first time we have ever had a ‘title track’. This song seemed to be the best track to represent the record and our new sound and voice as a band. ”

For more on The Yugos check out their BANDCAMP and just in case you forgot what a Yugo car is, read a fascinating story on Slate (HERE).