Tech Squibs: Korg Technology Makes Your Big Music Smaller

This Tech Squib demonstrates how the right clever company can change making big music into a tiny activity.

Korg – the Klingon captain who attacked…Sorry. No. Korg is a musical instrument and technology company that builds everything from keyboards and arrangers to amps and effects pedals. But, the gadget-friendly brain should be most intrigued by the “nano” products Korg develops.

Recognizing that more music than every is coming out of home studios and heading out upon the internet, Korg is making any of its music studio controls much smaller – preserving desktop and work space. 

Fir example, check out the Monotronduo Pocket Syntheser above. It packs circuitry and features from Korg’s full size synths in a unit smaller than an iPad Mini. The Monotronduo offers a ribbon keyboard, built battery and speaker. It performs like Korg’s much larger synthesizer while taking up very little room – perfect for someone recording from their desk at home.

The nanoKONTROL USB is a full-featured sound control unit. The Korg nano offers nine faders, nine knobs, 18 switches and a transport section – all powered by USB. Users can program each of the nanoKONTROL’s four scenes to set up the controllers any way necessary.

Korg continues to periodically add an item to their nano line, hopefully sending more rec room recorders out into the music game.


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