Video Premiere: Wisdom of Crowds Get Supernatural in ‘Frozen North’

Wisdom of Crowds

We run a great many exclusive premieres here at CraveOnline, but every so often one of them will stand out for its unique sound and design. Today marks the arrival of the video for Wisdom of Crowds' “Frozen North,” from their brand new release Wisdom of Crowds, released this week on Kscope. 

The Pineapple Thief frontman Bruce Soord and Jonas Renkse from Katatonia are the duo behind the project, an embrace of the melancholy in a sonic landscape that melds the beautiful atmospherics of Depeche Mode and Radiohead with the fragile-gloom instrumentation of Nine Inch Nails' Ghosts releases. 

A man has crash landed on an alien planet, and walks among the wreckage of what he's survived as a surreal, supernatural landscape comes to life around him. Soon all hell breaks loose as blue fireballs come blasting through the sky. We won't ruin it for you – check it out for yourself below, exclusively on CraveOnline.

“The song is about desolation and breakdown," explains Soord. "I love the fact that a director can interpret the song in such a way as to transport us to a foreign world!  My image of being 'stuck in the frozen north' is nothing compared to being stuck on a planet far, far away….”

Originally written with Renkse’s voice in mind, Soord sought out the acclaimed Katatonia vocalist to complete the compositions and release the music to the masses. Despite the rigorous schedules of The Pineapple Thief and Katatonia, the two musicians were eventually able to connect for the greater musical good.

“The sonic tapestry of ‘Wisdom’ is very different to The Pineapple Thief,” said Soord. “TPT has evolved into a distinct sound, so with this project I was able to let my ideas run amok! I was able to use everything I have grown to learn and love about music, while still producing a cohesive record.

“As for Jonas, I've wanted to work with him since the first time I heard his voice on The Great Cold Distance. I just didn't think it would be possible because he's so busy. So I was bowled over when we were able to make it happen early this year! His voice is absolutely perfect for this project, and he elevated the record to a whole new level. You've really got to hear it to understand what this record is about.”

Added Renkse, “This project attracted me because the songs were good, and it felt like they would suit my voice. Bruce is a very talented musician/producer; I really like what he is doing in The Pineapple Thief, so I looked forward to work with him.”

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