Dentist Pulls Out His Own Wisdom Tooth In Super Gross Video

Photo: abzee (Getty)

If you ever wondered if dentist do their own dental work, well, Doctor Yakhyaev from Russia clearly does. Let us explain.

Yakhyaev, who currently has over 15k followers on Instagram, enjoys sharing photos and videos of screwed up gums and teeth for his eager followers. But one video the dentist recently shared has everyone buzzing and grinding their own teeth. The video pretty much shows Yakhyaev injecting himself with anesthetic before pulling out his own damn wisdom tooth.

Take a look at the video below that features the dentist grabbing his tooth with a tool, yanking it out and leaving blood behind. But just a heads up: this video is quite graphic and might turn your stomach. Enjoy!

Dentist Pulls Out His Own Wisdom Tooth In Super Gross Video


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Well that was horrifying, But hey, judging by Yakhyaev’s big following people are clearly into seeing gross stuff. It’s kind of like Dr. Pimple Popper.

In other news, was anyone else reminded of this Ron Swanson moment while watching the video above?


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