Exclusive Premiere: Stream Local H’s New EP ‘Another February’

Hot on the heels of their excellently received Halleluja! I'm a Bum album, Local H keep the fires burning bright with Another February, a new five song EP via Slimstyle Records, officially available today (February 5th).

In addition to the title track, the offering includes a cover of Rush’s prog-rock opus “2112: Overture/The Temples Of Syrinx,” a gorgeous take on The National’s “Terrible Love,” and alternate versions of songs from Hallelujah! I’m A Bum. These reinterpretetions include a fully electrified version of “Look Who’s Rocking On Four Legs Again” as well as “Waves Again,” which strips the full-length’s sonically-layered coda into a sparse acoustic strum. 

Listen to Local H's Another February EP below, exclusively on CraveOnline!

Speaking on the shift in tone for “Look Who’s Rocking On Four Legs Again,” Lucas explained “The plan had always been to do an alternate version. Sort of like what The Rolling Stones did with ‘Country Honk’ vs. ‘Honky Tonk Women. We neglected to do that during the ‘Bum’ sessions, so we recorded Brian during a sound check in Lexington and I filled in the rest later.” He dryly adds “we tried to use the Stones mobile unit – but it wasn’t available.”

Commenting on the choice of covers included Lucas says “We started playing that Rush jam at the beginning of last year. We figured we might not be around in a 100 years, so we might as well play ‘2112’ in 2012. As for The National, if we’re honest about it, they’ve been a big influence on the new record. I don’t know how it happened, but it did.”

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