Full Album Stream: Enter Shikari – A Flash Flood of Colour

With just four days until their third full-length album drops in the U.S., Enter Shikari have offered up a full album stream for their follow up to 2009’s Common Dreads – an album we’ve been hotly anticipating since we caught them tearing sh*t up at last year’s Warped Tour. 

The new album, A Flash Flood of Colour, is a leap forward in both style and intensity (check out our review of the album). Raging against the machine isn’t exactly new territory for Rou Reynolds and the rest of the British-rocker crew, but with an amplified sociopolitical urgency igniting around the world, Enter Shikari have responded to their observations with a deep intensification of their message of rebellion. Infusing everything from hardcore to dubstep to punk and techno with gimmick-free ease, the band run the spectrum of sonic assault while fine-tuning a blazing musical fist in the air, aimed at corrupt governments and decaying society.

Listen below!

The album drops in the UK on the 16th and the 17th in the US.

Thanks to Some Kind of Awesome for the heads up!

Photo: Johnny Firecloud