WTF: Metallica Monopoly Game?


When you’ve sold millions of records, sued your fans and wept like women in a theatrical release of that most metal of acts – group counseling – where is there left to go? Metallica have apparently found the answer: they’re apparently set to release a version of the Monopoly game based on the band next week.


In a post on their official site, the band cryptically uploaded an image of the cover of the reportedly forthcoming game with the simple message: “Next week!”


The cover features cartoon depictions of the band’s current members, getting ready to rock down Baltic Ave to Marvin Gardens. While no other information has yet been revealed, if the game follows in the footsteps of the previous The Beatles Monopoly release, fans will compete against each other to build collections of the group’s music and exchange trivia. With any luck, the Lars Ulrich game piece will come with a golden toilet.


Iconic profit-rockers Kiss previously released their own version of the classic board game entitled Kiss-opoly, which featured Kiss money, songs and playing cards. About three people bought it.


In less ridiculous Metallica news, the band has compiled over 700 riffs for their next album


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