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Ranked! 2022 Sports Illustrated Cover Models

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue is an annual eye candy tradition. While the cast of hotties in skimpy bikinis used to be limited to professional models, now the magazine has opened its pages up to include a wider variety of women, resulting in more diversity in body sizes, backgrounds, and ages.

This year’s cover comes in four different designs, with four distinct and unique models wearing — oh, who cares what they’re wearing, right? It’s barely-there swimwear. That’s all you need to know. What you won’t find this year is your stereotypical blonde bombshell on the covers.

Instead of your usual Baywatch-style babes, the ladies gracing these covers include two recording artists, a reality TV star-turned-entrepreneur, and the elderly mom of a very famous man. Only half have professional modeling experience (the least hottest of the bunch, oddly enough). Regardless of where Sports Illustrated found them, all these women brought their A-game to the photo shoot (though none of them are athletes).

As us lascivious gents know, not all swimsuit models are created equal. As much as we applaud diversity, the fact remains that some gals rock a bikini better than others. To that end, we felt it was our duty to rank the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover girls for your enjoyment and amusement.

Photos: Sports Illustrated


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