Meanwhile in NFL: Tom Brady Fan Haggles Great Deal in Exchange For Giving Back 600th Touchdown Ball, Would’ve Settled For Sweaty Handshake

Don’t you just love it when some lucky SOB gets the deal of a lifetime? Like that guy who bought $200 million dollars worth of Ansel Adams negatives for $45. Or that time America bought Louisiana from France for four cents an acre. Or how about the Bucs fan who scored Tom Brady’s 600th touchdown football and ended up with some sweaty cleats.

Byron Kennedy was the lucky SOB sitting front row in the endzone when Brady threw a zinger to wide receiver Mike Evans, who quickly turned and broke the plane. Evans, unaware of the milestone moment, ran toward the stands and chucked the ball to the nearest Mike Evans fan: Byron Kennedy.

Moments later as play resumed, a team staffer approached Kennedy to awkwardly ask for the ball back. And to his credit (and out of respect for Brady), Kennedy gave it up without a fight. All he wanted in return was to, “Maybe play a round of golf with Tom as a repayment?”

In the end, the Bucs decided to give Kennedy two signed jerseys from Brady, a signed Evans jersey plus his game cleats, $1,000 credit at the team store, and two season passes for the rest of the year. Later, Brady kicked in one Bitcoin from his personal stash to sweeten the pot, which was nice, especially after news broke that the mythical 600-TD ball was worth upwards of $600,000.

As for Brady, this particular ball is priceless. It marks the first time any quarterback has broken the 600 TD mark – a feat that will likely never be repeated – and a token Brady can trot out at dinner parties with fellow Hall-of-Famers to settle the GOAT question that inevitably comes up over dessert.

“I don’t actually keep too many things,” Brady said after the Bucs 38-3 blowout over the Bears. “In that circumstance, I felt like that might be a good one to keep.”

Maybe someone should have mentioned that to Byron Kennedy.

Cover Photo: Icon Sportswire (Getty Images) 


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