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Mandatory Vocabulary: 10 Awesome Words Dictionary.com Added This Year You Can Start Misusing Now

The words we use define us. Language changes so quickly, however, that it’s hard for the dictionary to keep up. While the definitive source on vocabulary might be a little bit behind how we talk on the street (or, these days, on social media), it catches up eventually, and it’s always exciting to see what words make the cut and get added to the dictionary on annual basis.

Dictionary.com has selected more than 300 words to include in this year’s edition, from “long COVID” and “minoritize” to “5G” and “content warning.”

“The latest update to our dictionary continues to mirror the world around us,” said John Kelly, managing editor of Dictionary.com in a press release. “It’s a complicated and challenging society we live in, and language changes to help us grapple with it.”

But as Kelly pointed out, “sometimes language changes just for fun.” That’s where slang – and some of the most creative words we’ve ever heard – come in. “Perhaps these lighter slang and pop culture newcomers to our dictionary reflect another important aspect of our time—a cautious optimism and a brighter mood about the future ahead after a trying 2020,” Kelly said.

We’ve rounded up 10 awesome words added to the dictionary this year, along with their Dictionary.com definitions so you can use them correctly. Because if there’s one thing we can’t tolerate, it’s misuse and abuse of the English language!

Cover Photo: CarlosDavid.org (Getty Images)