Bert Kreischer Perfects the Art of Topless Comedy in New Netflix Series ‘The Cabin’

There are a few things you should know about Bert Kreischer. In 1997, Rolling Stone named him “the top partyer at the Number One Party School [Florida State] in the country.” He once got drunk and robbed a train with the Russian mafia while studying abroad (apparently “The Machine” story is being made into a movie). Finally, Kreischer, whether it be on stage or in Netflix’s The Cabinperfects the art of topless comedy

The facts above may make you think of “Bluto” from Animal House or any other number of hairy “Big Boys” with an affinity for spirits. However, these days, the commonly-used phrase “work hard, play hard” has gotten away from Kreischer. As he puts it, “I jam way too much into my days” —the stand-up comedian, actor, reality television show host, and podcaster (oh my) is officially a “Machine.” The Cabin will see Kreischer bring the party to the great outdoors for a little R&R.

The five-episode docuseries, which premieres Oct. 13, will feature appearances by comedians Nikki Glaser, Joey Diaz, Tom Segura, Donnell Rawlings, Gabriel Iglesias, Fortune Feimsteras, and more as they recharge their minds, bodies, and spirits (in even sense of the word). Celebrities like Kaley Cuoco, Anthony Anderson, and Caitlyn Jenner will make appearances doing outdoorsy stuff. 

The Cabin appears to be a paradigm of Kreischer’s brand of bare-breasted hilarity. Well-intentioned, endearing, and a whole lot of fun. As you anticipate your therapeutic retreat to The Cabin, here are 13 Kreischer GIFS to tide you over. 

Cover Photo: Netflix

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