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8 Influential People We Can’t Stand From 2019 (That We Wish Would Stay There Forever)

We’re not into cancel culture at all. That said, after making it through the first month of 2020, we’ve realized there are some folks we wouldn’t mind having left behind in 2019. Not in a mean or nasty way, but as a Willy Wonka-esque gift full of magic and whimsy. Because 2019 was the year these tragically influential people were peaking, wriggling atop the slag heap of cultural persuasion like squishy earthworms of influence. But come on, it’s 2020 now. Time to do better. And what better send-off is there for these movers and shakers than a repeat of their greatest year? So put the champagne on ice one more time and prepare the canons as we wish these eight influential people bon voyage on their journey back to yesteryear.

Photo: YouTube

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