‘6 Underground’ Would Be Awesome, If It Were 2003 (And 12 Other Times Michael Bay Wronged Us)

Sometimes, filmmaker Michael Bay’s self-described “Bayhem” is just a little too much. With his first Netflix film, 6 Underground, this certainly seems to be the case – except it’s actually a lot of too much. It stars Ryan Reynolds leading a group of mercenaries trying to take down criminals and terrorists that governments won’t touch. It’s perhaps Bay’s his most bombastic and frenzied work to date. 6 Underground essentially would be every teenager’s favorite movie – in 2003.

From the moment it begins to the time the credits roll, 6 Underground features non-stop Bayhem, even in simple dialogue scenes. Depending on how you feel about the work of Michael Bay, this is either unwelcome news or a ringing endorsement. As a true fan of Bay’s work – for better or worse – it’s hard to deny that he’s gone a little too far over-the-top on several occasions. While 6 Underground is pretty much two hours of over-the-top everything, here are 12 times Michael Bay wronged us in his movies.

Cover Photo: Netflix

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