We Have 6 Solid Guesses Who the ‘BH 90210’ Stalker Is (Only 2 Eps Left)

If you’re keeping up with the BH 90210 TV reboot (spoilers ahead!), you know tensions have grown over who the show’s stalker is as they gear up to shoot the reunion inside of a reunion. As the show nears the end of its season (and possible series run), we have to consider who might be setting actual fire to the set and mailing out creepy decapitated dolls to all the actors. With that, we have six solid guesses as to who might have left the graffiti on their fiery set, and we have a feeling it’s a very familiar face for Beverly Hills 90210 lovers. Does someone want to kill them, or are they just burned nobody has reached about the reunion? We have them ranked from least to most likely, but we think it’s fairly obvious. Do you?

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