Overwatch: Sigma Origin Trailer Breakdown | GameRevelations

Trailer Breakdown By: Mack Ashworth

Article By: Michael Leri for GameRevolution

The Overwatch Hero 31 Sigma release date is right now on the PTR. As always, console players will have to wait until he hits the live servers to try him out.

But we don’t know when that will be. Ana was teased on July 6, 2016, released on the PTR on July 12, and then the live servers on July 26. Doomfist was teased on July 4, 2017, came to the PTR on July 6, and then came to live servers on July 27. Wrecking Ball (Hammond) was first teased on June 21, 2018, hit the PTR on June 28, and then rolled his way to the live servers on July 24. There’s not a straight pattern here but Jeff Kaplan did say this hero would be different.

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“We’re going to do some things differently this summer,” said Kaplan in a developer update video. “You’re probably anticipating a hero release sometime very soon. Well don’t worry. We are working on a hero. Hero 31 is going to be awesome. But he is going to be released a little bit later than you’re used to. But he will be here soon enough so don’t worry. And we think a little bit of extra time is going to make the hero even more awesome.”

“Soon enough” sounds like he will be still coming within the next month. But it is Blizzard so a “soon” could be two months from now. But his actual release date is a mystery.

Baptiste was officially unveiled in the game on February 26 for PTR players but didn’t come to the live servers or consoles until March 19. That’s a long longer than usual and, given Kaplan’s words, we may not see Sigma on the live servers until mid-August or so.

The recent leaks for Role Queue by the official Overwatch Team Mexico Twitter account may have teased Sigma’s existence but we didn’t know his story. Now we do. Sigma was a Dutch astrophysicist. Like some sort of Marvel supervillain, an experiment that went wrong gave him the ability to manipulate gravity.

However, he also suffered massive psychological damage especially after he was imprisoned by the government for years. This was until Talon, the shady organization Widowmaker and Reaper are a part of, freed him and used him as a weapon. And the weirdest part is, he doesn’t know he’s being used. The teaser also hints that he has multiple personalities like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.